Community Engagement & Co-production

On Your Marks

Every 3 months, Elfrida invites the local LDAD community to engage with us in a regular event run in collaboration with the Family Carers Action Group.

The aim is for service users and carers to share their views on current provision in Islington and also find out about what is going on in the area for them.

Our 'On Your Marks' events are an opportunity for everyone to have their voices heard and become more active in sharing their views.

Themes for the groups change each time with topics such as advocacy, health care, community safety and day opportunities the most commonly requested sessions.

To find out when our next "On Your Marks" event would take place or for more information, please contact Kat Edwards on:

kat.edwards@elfrida.com or 07801 529963

Social Group Tea & Talks

Join us at the Elfrida Society for an exciting new initiative aimed at empowering individuals with learning disabilities and/or autism or learning difficulties (LDAD) through peer advocacy and social engagement.

Our weekly meetings, held every Tuesday from 10am to 12 noon, offer a supportive space where you can connect with others and participate in informative sessions led by expert speakers.

Topics covered during these sessions include areas of interest chosen by you, such as debt management, cost of living, benefits, legal rights, health, and wellbeing and understanding the roles of various professionals.

Our goal is to provide valuable information and resources that empower you to navigate these important aspects of daily life with confidence.

Attendance is free, and tea and coffee will be provided. Additionally, your input may be sought for public research projects, and as a token of appreciation for your time, you'll receive a shopping voucher.

Please make sure you let us know if you would like to attend before coming along so we can make sure we have space.

We look forward to welcoming you to our peer advocacy and social group at the Elfrida Society!

For more information or to join the group, contact us:
Call - 020 7359 7443 - Email - enquiries@elfrida.com

Tea & Talks Flyer

Focus First

To extend the opportunity for people with LDAD to speak up on issues that concern them, we also facilitate regular consultation sessions for people with LDAD who take part in research projects on topical issues such as voting, transport, employment and public safety.

The projects allow everyone with LDAD to share their own views and be part of positive change in future.

These sessions are run by external research companies in conjunction with Elfrida and they always pay clients for taking part. Sessions are organised whenever a new organisation contacts us and we try to run them as often as possible.

We have a bank of people we contact to take part in the projects and anyone with LDAD is eligible to join. There is no requirement on how many projects people get involved with.

Every participant is rewarded for their time with a shopping voucher provided by the research companies.

You can find out more about our Focus First group or on how to join our group here.

Focus First Flyer

Parental Research Group

Members of our parental peer advocacy group are also part of an additional working group in collaboration with universities across the UK to consult and advise on specialised research project about the impact of parenting with a LDAD.

They also co-produce and lead training sessions for new health professionals on similar subjects. They have become ambassadors in this area and have been heavily involved in the development of training packages and video content for new health professionals.

They are currently working on the development and delivery of learning disability awareness training for midwifes and to support professionals to recognise when a parent-to-be may have learning disabilities. This is part of the Together Project, supporting the delivery of good practice in maternity services for parents with learning disabilities.

To find out more about our parental research group or if you would like to join the group please contact Kat Edwards on kat.edwards@elfrida.com or 07801 529963.

Advocacy: University Research Team

At the Elfrida Society, we are committed to empowering parents with learning disabilities and/or autism (LDA) and advocating for their voices to be heard. One of the ways we strive to achieve this is through our innovative project, where parents with LDA have the opportunity to share their experiences and insights, guiding researchers toward better practices in working with this community.

We are frequently invited to collaborate with universities, where we contribute our expertise to help researchers learn effective methods for engaging with parents with LDA. In response to this demand, we have established a dedicated project that allows parents with LDA to speak firsthand about their experiences and suggest improvements. Researchers have the option to conduct interviews with parents either on a one-to-one basis or within a group setting. These interviews can take place in person or online, providing flexibility to accommodate the needs and preferences of the parents involved. Depending on the wishes of the parents, interviews may be documented through written transcripts or recorded as films.

We believe in compensating our specialist facilitators for their time and expertise, as well as providing support to the parents involved. Therefore, researchers are expected to cover the costs associated with facilitation and venue usage. Additionally, as a token of appreciation for their valuable contributions, researchers are requested to provide food vouchers to all parents who participate in the interviews.

For more information or to get involved in our project, please contact us at Call - 020 7359 7443 - Email - enquiries@elfrida.com

Together, let's create positive change and ensure that the voices of parents with learning disabilities are heard and respected.

Download Flyer Here

Ready for Parenthood Campaign

Our experts by experience co-produced and supported the Ready for Parenthood Campaign with the Clinical Quality and Improvement Team, Nursing Directorate NHS England Southeast Region. The work reports firsthand from parents who've had particular challenges in early parenthood and how they managed to overcome them.

Learn More

LDAD experts by experience parents have been working with Baroness Hollins - Member of the House of Lords and the Founder and Chair of Beyond Words books - as consultants and contributors to the creation of Beyond Words Books.
Books Beyond Words offer an accessible, evidence-based reasonable adjustment that can improve communication between health care professionals and patients with learning disabilities and/or autism. Talking through the pictures in a Beyond Words story enables health professionals to find out what their patient understands and how they feel about a situation. It allows patients to lead the conversation at their own pace, ask appropriate questions and share any concerns.
For more info visit: booksbeyondwords.co.uk

Paige is a ground-breaking arts and science project exploring learning-disability and parenthood. The project included three theatre productions and a training package. The resources include real stories from LDAD parents to encourage a more person-focused approach to relationships between professionals and LDD parents. The resources are most suitable for health and social care professionals including midwives, social workers, clinical psychologists, advocates and policy makers.
Our parental peer advocacy group contributed to this work and were consulted every step of the way. To find out more about this project visit:

Easy Read Creation & Checking Service

Easy Readers

Easy Read is an accessible format that makes written information easier to understand due to simple, shorter sentences free of jargon with matching images.

Our Easy Read accessibility work is co-produced with our supported employees to create letters, posters and booklets for all sectors who need their branded documents made into easy read versions.

This is a charged service 'per page' with a very quick turnaround time. We can also offer an 'easy read support & checking service' for organisations who make their own 'easy read' information but need advice from people with learning disabilities and/or autism to make amendments.

We have provided accessible work for many clients including Islington Council, the LFB, the Met Police and NHS. You can find out more about our Easy Read Service here:

Easy Read Service Flyer

Or you can contact us on kat.edwards@elfrida.com or 07801 529963.

GP/Health Professionals & Frontline Staff Training and Support

GP/Health Professional & Frontline Support Staff

We offer a 2 hour interactive training session for any professional wishing to learn more about learning disabilities, learning disabilities and autism and the reasonable adjustments which can be made to support people.

Our supported employees co-facilitate the training in collaboration with Centre 404 and Family Carers Action Group.

To find out more about our training and support offer or to get a quote please contact us kat.edwards@elfrida.com or 07801 529963.

Accessibility Checks

We also offer a checking service for any GP surgeries or front facing services wishing to make sure their space is accessible for people with LDAD.

Again, in collaboration with Centre 404 and Family Carers Action Group, we can arrange a time to visit placements and provide a comprehensive report with recommendations on what improvements could be helpful.

To find out more about our training and support offer or to get a quote please contact us on kat.edwards@elfrida.com or 07801 529963.

Hate Crime and Keeping Safe Awareness

Hate Crime Awareness and Prevention

The Elfrida Society is proud to be a partner of the Hate Crime Community Outreach and Resilience Project, commissioned by the London Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) and delivered by Protection Approaches. The project is designed to enhance the capacity, knowledge, and networks of participating organisations, including ours, to better support community members who may be targets of hate crimes.

Recognising the significant challenges faced by people with learning disabilities in reporting hate crimes, we are actively engaged in developing initiatives and partnerships with the Police and Local Councils. Our goal is to support victims of hate crimes and raise awareness of the unique issues faced by individuals with learning disabilities. As part of our commitment, our staff and supported employees have undergone training to become Hate Crime Prevention Champions, dedicated to supporting individuals with learning disabilities who have experienced or may encounter hate crimes. Additionally, we have created a hate crime video to guide people on how to report such incidents and ensure a safer community for all.

Hate Crime Easy Read Booklet

Police Engagement

We work closely with the local police constabularies to develop good working relationships between the Police and people with LDAD. We have also produced an emergency contact card for people with LDAD to carry with them and share with Police should any communication with them be difficult. Cards are available from our Islington office.

The card has been produced in collaboration with the Met Police and they have committed to being responsive to them.

To find out more about our hate crime prevention and keeping safe initiatives please contact us on kat.edwards@elfrida.com or 07801 529963.

Easy Read Resources and Downloads Bank

Easy Read Downloads Bank

To make life a little easier, we have an ever-increasing bank of easy read posters on important subjects such as personal safety, using public services and community engagement. We have the following easy read available to download:

1. Fire safety tips,

2. How to contact the LFB in the event of a fire,

3. When to call 999,

4. How to report hate crime,

5. Staying safe in hot weather

We also promote existing easy read documents from other organisations.

They are all free available to download from the website or to pick up a copy from our offices in Islington. Please contact us on kat.edwards@elfrida.com or 07801 529963 to suggest new easy read guides we can add to the bank.