Tha aim of the Parents project is to ensure Parents with learning disabilities are given a fair chance to prove they can be 'good enough' parents and avoid their children being taken into care.

“A learning disability is not a loving disability”

Our Parents project provides one-to-one specialist advocacy and support for parents with learning disabilities, we run weekly peer support groups where Parents can support each other and connect with other professionals in a safe non-judgmental environment.

Our work is part funded with a grant from the Esmee Fairbairn foundation.  This enables us to run our peer support groups at no cost to Parents and also provide minimal support for parents while funding for Advocacy is being approved by Social Work teams.

Specialist Advocacy for Parents with learning disabilities needs to be spot purchased if Parents are going through 'Child in Need' or 'Child Protection' assessment processes with Social Worker involvement, some cases can lead to court proceedings.  Advocacy support can also help with school matters.

The project is involved in academic research with the LSE and University of Bristol Norah Fry research centre to highlight the need for reasonable adjustments in the wider support networks and legal settings for parents with learning disabilities.

Several partnerships have been established to ensure the Elfrida Society is actively involved in strategic developmental work in pursuit of our aim, this includes collaborating with training, media and legal organisations and charities who share our aims and values.