Our Values guide us in our work.  They help us make the best decisions.

This is what we mean by our values:


· To be honest, sincere, real (authentic), inclusive and accessible

· Trusting of the people we support and their voices

· It is the voices of people with Learning Disabilities that matter

· Being able to develop and lead, reliable, humble, dependable and able to deliver

· Taking responsibility, being accountable and responsive to change


· To care about the people we support and their wellbeing

· To be respectful of people, listening to people

· To be kind, understanding, show compassion

· To care about the communities we serve and their needs

· To care about the quality of our services, to be careful and considered in the way we work

· To care about each other and take pride in our work

· To show appreciation to each other, to people and organisations we work with


· To enable people to be aware and make choices, and to grow and achieve their potential

· To help people develop self-esteem, confidence and independence

· To make sure everyone is able to be included

· To listen and encourage everyone to speak up for themselves

· To challenge others if they aren’t listening

· To support staff and volunteers to grow and achieve their potential


· To embrace active learning about ourselves and each other, how and what we need to grow and develop

· To grow and learn through disagreement

· To embrace new ideas, positive and safe risk taking

· To promote equal opportunity and diversity

· To develop new skills

· To share information, good ideas and skills with others

Our Values were developed in workshops and further consultations during 2016 and 2017. 

The workshops and consultations included people with Learning Disabilities and put their views first.