Vision for 2022

The following elements of the Elfrida vision have been identified as priority.

They have been separated into ‘Strategic Outcomes’ – directly relevant for people with learning disabilities, and ‘Strategic Enablers’ – elements more relevant to staff and volunteers.

The 'Strategic Enablers' relate directly to the outcomes and are identified as having a causal relationship with them i.e. by having them in place it will support the organisation achieving its Strategic Outcomes

Strategic Outcomes for people with Learning Disabilities Strategic Enablers to support achievement of our Outcomes

Heightened trust by people with learning disabilities in what Elfrida is doing

Elfrida has robust governance with reviewed governing document, relevant for and accessible to people with learning difficulties

· Elfrida as an organisation is fit for purpose – accessible, efficient and effective – with more peer support, joined up working across the organisation reducing duplication, making better use of skills and expertise

· Staff are accountable through clearer expectations, plans, targets and development areas, based on comprehensive appraisal assessments, tracked and evaluated using a ‘Business Intelligence Framework’, and competency framework for managers

· Elfrida has new premises with functional IT, staff structure, clear policies and procedures and better systems

· The experience of Elfrida’s work for people with learning disabilities is that they feel greater personal confidence and that we care

· Elfrida staff members and volunteers regularly reflect on their practice to ensure continuous improvement and creative development of expertise in supporting the empowerment of people with learning difficulties

· Elfrida demonstrates accountability to people with learning disabilities – having choice, being in control of making decisions

· Elfrida delivers services that are able to demonstrate increasing evidence of user led approaches to developing, running and evaluating the work and are responsive to changing need

· People with learning disabilities feel more connected, less isolated and better able to use opportunities

· Elfrida is self-aware, informed, connected to and aware of other organisations, transparent in the way it works, and outward facing, able to identify and take up opportunities

Key strategic issues for Elfrida

The key strategic issues are those which make greatest impact on the strategic direction and choices for Elfrida.

1. Translating the vision into incremental steps, consistently benefiting the people with learning disabilities Elfrida works with

2. Securing the funding and resources needed, including through greater and more diverse fundraising activity

3. Raising Elfrida’s profile, communications and partnership activities so that it is able to strengthen outcomes for people with learning disabilities and extend its impact

4. Assuring the quality, reliability and resilience of Elfrida’s projects and services to meet the needs of people with learning disabilities, the requirements of funders and the expectations of donors

5. Having a reliable evidence base and theory of change to demonstrate how Elfrida’s activities lead to specific outcomes and impacts for people with learning disabilities and their families

6. Harnessing the learning and insights of Elfrida’s practice to influence the work of other organisations and agencies, whose policies and practice affects the lives of people with learning disabilities.

7. Modernising Elfrida’s operations and practice so that it is able to work as efficiently as possible without harming its person centred values

8. Moving into premises that are fit for Elfrida’s purposes and activity