Our Mission Statement:

Working with People who have Learning Disabilities, Connecting People, Making Lives Happier and Having Fun!   

Connecting people is so important, the more connected we are, the safer we are and the more confident we allow ourselves to be. 

Being connected makes us more visible which makes it more likely that our needs will be taken into account by others.

For people who live with the label of 'Learning Disability', challenges can seem overwhelming.  On top of the difficulties dealing with everyday things like paying bills and staying healthy and well, there are other hidden barriers which are the real disablers - social discrimination, abuse, neglect and hate crime all leave scars that run deep.  These experiences often have a devastating effect on confidence and self esteem, fueling suspicion and fear of others and destroying communities.

There is no greater disability in society than the inability to see a person as more”  Robert Hensel - (American activist, poet and world record holder for the longest non-stop wheelie in a wheelchair)

Here at Elfrida we believe in the talents and abilities of people with learning disabilities as unique individuals - as people first. 

We are skilled at supporting people to realise their potential, to deal with the painful side of life and to challenge attitudes and practices which hold them back. 

We know that people with learning disabilities have much to contribute to society and our aim is to support them to do just that.

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