Elfrida is an organisation with a vision for a better world, social justice and equality of opportunity.

To achieve this we work in the following ways:

  • We support the empowerment of people with learning disabilities to do things for themselves, to make choices that are right for them

  • We provide advice and information to support people of all ages and experiences of vulnerability

  • We provide opportunities for people with learning disabilities to focus their hope and energies for a better future for all and to have their voices heard

  • We focus on education and skill development as key to personal development and the power of learning to liberate

  • We provide holistic support to address underlying as well as presenting needs

  • We are able to deal with urgent priority issues, making it easier and more effective for people to have access other services

  • We embed ‘appreciative inquiry’, ‘motivational interviewing’ and ‘asset based approaches’ in our work

Our work is informed by the social model of disability, underpinned by key legislation including the Human Rights Act 1998 and Equalities Act 2010

The social, political and economic context in which we are working creates significant challenges for organisations like ours to survive and thrive.

To achieve our aims, we must act with integrity, know what to expect from each other as colleagues and what we should do when things do not go as we hope or expect.

This is how we work with each other:

  • We proactively resolve conflict and seek out the root causes of any tensions or frustrations we experience

  • We practice ‘Vulnerability based trust’ and seek out areas of disagreement by ‘mining for healthy conflict’

  • We have clear achievable plans, the resources, skills, confidence and support we need to deliver

  • The systems, equipment, spaces, policies and procedures we use are fit for purpose, or we have clear plans and timescales for making them so

  • We develop a current evidence base to clearly show the need for, and the outcomes and impact of, our work