Paul's story

I started looking for a Job when I was at Samuel Rhodes School from October 2001 to June 2004.  When I left school, I went to College for 4 years.  It was at College that I started getting bullied by other students.

Getting bullied is horrible, it made me feel really bad about myself, like I was no good so I left college.  I used to get tired all the time too and I didn’t eat enough.  I got really thin.

I found out about Elfrida Sports Project in 2008.  I joined the tennis club first, it was great.  It made me feel better about myself so I decided to give college another go.  I studied Sports and Drama first, now I’m studying Maths.

Last year I read the Elfrida report and thought it was great.  I decided I wanted to be in the next report.  I wrote my story called ‘Learning about Elfrida’ and gave it to Tony.  Tony said it was great.  I also asked if I could help out at Elfrida.  I wanted to find out more about Elfrida and to work on reception.   The staff team at Elfrida listened to me and they made it happen!  First they advertised to find out if more people were interested.  Lots of people applied to volunteer on reception.  They held interviews and I got a place!  I’ve been working on reception now for a few weeks and I love it. The staff team at Elfrida are so friendly and I’m learning about working in an office.  I hope that eventually I’ll be able to work full time but I have to be patient.

Now I’m also doing Football, Boccia and Cricket with Elfrida.  We sometimes play at Lords and Wray Crescent.  Now I’ve got my own support worker called Lesley.  Me and Lesley went on a tour of Emirates stadium, I love visiting stadiums and so far we have visited 4 stadiums this year. 

I’ve also joined a healthy eating club and started gaining weight, I’m feeling much better now about myself, life is easier.  I’m now doing more cooking for myself and shopping.  I hope I continue to work at Elfrida for the next 20 years.