In such a difficult an uncertain economic climate your invaluable support is ever more crucial to be able to sustain our services and continue to support people with learning disabilities.

You can help us by making a regular or one off gift-aided donation to our organisation; donating your time to volunteer or organising a fundraising event/sponsored event.


Your volunteering with The Elfrida Society will helps us achieve our vision for a better world, social justice and equality of opportunity for people with learning disabilities.

Ways To Donate

However you choose to give, we are incredibly grateful for your support. In giving towards our work you’re helping empower people with learning disabilities to build a fairer and happier society.

A huge thank you to all our donors and supporters!


Mind the Gap has been documenting real life stories from parents with learning disabilities across the UK for the last three years. The Elfrida Society Parents’ Peer Support Group have been involved in this work, sharing their unique and inspirational stories.

Paige: Daughters of Fortune documents these stories through a series of images taken by photographer Emilie Flower, alongside quotes developed between the participants and writing mentor Mary Cooper.

The people involved wish to share their experiences and open up conversations that challenge the stigma surrounding learning disability and parenthood.

Click here to order a copy of this inspirational book.
With your support we can help many more people with a learning disability to develop the skills and confidence to overcome adversity, thrive and feel equal in society.

For more information please call 020 7359 7443 or email: fundraising@elfrida.com.