The Advocacy Project supports, enables and empowers people with learning disabilities in Islington to have their voices heard, to access information and services that meet their needs Read more


The Consultation Project is a supported employment project for adults with learning disabilities funded by Islington Council. Read more

Our Services

At Elfrida we have services to help with the important things in life. Click here to find out more. Read more

Circles of Protection

The aim of the Circles of Protection is to prevent the abuse and neglect of the most vulnerable people with learning disabilities placed out of borough and improve their quality of life. Read more


The Sports project helps people with learning disabilities live happier, healthier, more connected lives by getting involved in fun filled sports and physical activities Read more


The Parents project supports parents who have learning disabilities to understand their rights and have their voices heard. It provides specialist Advocacy, parenting support and runs weekly peer support groups. Read more


The Elfrida 'Siren' project works in partnership with people who have learning disabilities to co-produce high quality artistic product. We develop and nurture talent and provide a platform to connect to wider society. Read more