The Elfrida Society’ Consultation project is a supported employment project for adults with learning disabilities funded by Islington Council.

The aim of the project is to employ, support and empower people with learning disabilities and family carers to have the power and control as decision makers to review, monitor and shape services and products that support and enable people with learning disabilities to be safe, live independent lives, be happy and well.    

The project is divided into two services the User Lead & Carers View Monitors and the Power and Control Group.

User Led Monitors
Our user led monitors are people with learning disabilities, who use their knowledge and lived experiences to quality check and evaluate service provision in Islington.  

Carers View Monitors
Our carer view monitors are people who are carers of people with learning disabilities, who use their lived experienced to quality check and evaluate service provision in Islington.

Monitors will:
- Visit services/projects and talk to people who live in or use the project or service like Islington Council’s Daylight Centre, Mencap Me Time, Elfrida Advocacy, Centre 404 Outreach service, etc.
- Ask people and family members questions like if they feel safe and ask for feedback about what would make them happier.
- Meet with professionals from the council (Safeguarding) to check the quality of the work we do and see what we can do better.

Power and Control Group
Our Power and Control representatives are people with learning disabilities and family members, who act as representatives and facilitators for people with learning disabilities. 

Power and Control Representatives will:
- Meet with professionals and family members to talk about problems and solutions for employment, health, housing, keeping safe, discrimination, transport.
- Speak to people with learning disabilities about current issues and ideas for the future through peer meetings, service user meetings and at local public events.
- Spread the word about what a good quality of life people should expect through meetings, newsletters, on radio, on social media and films.


Click here for easy read information about the User Lead Monitors (ULM) Service.

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Examples of Impact and Community Benefit

The Consultation Service under the leadership of the Elfrida Society (Elfrida) has over 14 years’ experience of delivering this service and managing staff and volunteers with learning disabilities with the support of Islington Council, the learning disabilities community and partner organisations. 

Since the project began, outcomes achieved include the establishment of an empowered team of individuals known User Lead Monitors and Power and Control (P&C) Representatives, whose voice is now embedded in the work of Islington Council and Islington’s Learning Disability Partnership Board (LDPB).

Playing a vital role in setting priorities in collaboration with Family Carers Reference Group (FCRG) and key partners including Islington’s Learning Disability Partnership (ILDP) and Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), by way of co-chairing board meetings and sub-groups.

Alongside the achievement of promoting P&C as the leading voice for people with learning disabilities in Islington’s LDPB and its sub-groups. The group have become experts in and consistently deliver high quality awareness training sessions, development of accessible materials, consultation events and proactive promotion of Islington’s work.

In addition to taking part in joint recruitment, procurement and design of services, the group has consistently received positive feedback about their strategic, professional and personal achievements, most recently including the successful campaign for Windsor Street housing development, the initiation of annual Learning Disability Week celebrations and establishment of group members as official representatives of people with learning disabilities.


Our experienced user lead monitors and reps with learning disabilities play a vital role on service delivery and improvements for the learning disabilities community and on promoting ‘making all things accessible’.

Our team of experts use their knowledge and lived experiences to evaluate and inform new building works and development projects, helping service providers and developers to meet their legal requirements and enhance accessibility and good practice.  

Our team can also provide advice or help with the development or improvement of accessible information, flyers and guidance documents, such as Easy Read Hospital and GP Questionnaires’.

During the last year our team provider their expert support and worked in partnership with Islington GP Federation, Healthwatch Islington; Transport for London; Metro line; London Forum of people with learning disabilities; Camden Disability Action, Synergy, NHS England, Islington CCG, University College Hospital London, Mencap Treat Me Well, Department of Work and Pensions - Job Centre Plus, City and Islington College, British Transport Police, The Bridge Sexual Health Services, London Fire Brigade, Islington GP Federation, Outlook Islington, Learning Disability Hospital Nurse Network (Royal Free, UCLH, Whittington, Moorfields).

If you wish to spot purchase our consultation services, please contact our referrals team on  monitors@elfrida.com or PandCReps@elfrida.com or 0207 359 7443.  We will look at our capacity and ability to take your referral at any given time and let you know as soon as we can. You will then be asked to complete a Funding Agreement prior to consultation taking place.

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