Providing advocacy for people with a learning disability in Islington

We provide advocacy services to the residents of Islington in partnership with POhWER. For more information on the services that POhWER provides please visit their website: https://www.pohwer.net/islington

Supporting You

This information is about the advocacy support we can give you if you have a learning disability.

What is advocacy?

- Speaking up for yourself.
- Having your voice heard and being listened to.
- Making your own choices.
- Being independent.

How We Can Help

If you are an adult who lives in Islington, and you have a learning disability, we can support you.

Get the information you need to make choices.

- Learn about your rights to be treated in a good and fair way.
- Say when you are not happy about something.
- Speak up about the things that matter to you.
- Understand and take part in meetings about you.

Historically, The Elfrida Society have run active sessions every weekday. Unfortunately, funding for this area of work has reduced significantly during the last few years. We continue to work on identifying new funding opportunities and innovative ways of setting up more active and fun activities for the community in Islington and surrounding areas.

Contact the Elfrida Advocacy project and ask to speak to an advocate for more information:


Click here for easy read information about Community Advocacy.

Click here for easy read information about Care Act Advocacy.

Click here for a copy of our easy read self-referrals form.

Mencap and the Department of Health and Social Care have produced Easy read guides to help you stay safe and well including:

All about COVID-19 and what does ‘Self-Isolation’ mean

The Lockdown Rule in England from 8th March 2021

The Coronavirus Vaccine

Doing a Coronavirus Test - an easy read guide to help explain how to test yourself for coronavirus


Supporting people to speak up and take control in Islington

Independent Care Act Advocacy

If you: - Need help to take part in meetings about you.
- Want support to help understand information.
- Have no one else to help you.
You may be able to work with a care and support advocate.

To find out about getting a care and support advocate, speak with your social worker. ILDP can make a referral, or you can contact Elfrida.

Care and support advocates can help you to:
- Think about your support needs.
- Prepare for assessments about you, to help find out about your goals and needs.
- Help you be involved in making your support plan.
- Say how your support plan is working (this is called a review).
- We also support people through safeguarding.

Contact the Elfrida Advocacy project and ask to speak to an advocate for more information:


People with learning disabilities face many challenges. The impact of reduced government spending and changes in policy which are having an impact at local level.
To represent the voice of people with learning disabilities we deliver services such as one to one community advocacy, care act advocacy and health advocacy. We have user lead consultation groups and specialist advocacy for parents with learning disabilities. Along with sports activities for people to exercise, meet people, learn new skills and have fun.


Elfrida’s Advocacy Services often accept advocacy referrals on a spot purchase basis, where capacity allows.

We can take spot purchase referrals for community advocacy for people with Learning Disabilities for local authorities and specialists which we are not contracted to deliver advocacy in.

If you wish to spot purchase advocacy services from us, please contact our referrals team on advocacy@elfrida.com or send us a referral form – see link to our referral form below -. We will look at our capacity and ability to take your referral at any given time and let you know as soon as we can. You will then be asked to complete a Funding Agreement prior to advocacy taking place.

Contact the Elfrida Advocacy project and ask to speak to an advocate for more information: